SlyceData provides technology services for the Investment Management Industry. Our data platform evolved from technologies developed over seven years by a group of financial data experts and investment management veterans.

The company was incorporated in 2021 and is headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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Chris Harrison Headshot | SlyceData

Chris Harrison

Co-Founder, Member of Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

Chris brings four decades years of experience and welcomed perspective to Slyce. He leads our team after a career of senior roles within investment banking, sales trading, and investment management.  His deep familiarity within the financial services industry is drawn from his experience at institutional sell-side and buy-side firms including Drexel Burnham, Bankers Trust, Bank of New York, and Symphony Asset Management. Chris has oversight over Slyce operations, client relationships, and fund-raising activities. He holds a BA in Business Economics from UCLA, along with professional licenses including Series 24, 9, 10, 7, 63.

Ryan Johnson Headshot | SlyceData

Ryan Johnson

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Ryan oversees SD’s platform evolution and engineering roadmap.  Prior to arriving, he has dedicated over 15 years to leading engineering teams and product strategy within the world of early-stage technologies and enterprise applications. He has launched multiple global award-winning products while developing engineering teams ranging from 5-50 in size. He is passionate about building strong teams and understands that the path to innovation is paved with empathy and an understanding of patterns that drive human behavior. Ryan has received a B.Sc. in bioengineering from University of California Berkeley, and M.Sc. in management from Northeastern University.

Charles Ko Headshot | SlyceData

Charles Ko

Chief Sales Officer

Charlie coordinates our business development strategy and leads the applications consulting program for our clients. Having led key initiatives and teams at Batterymarch, Invesco, State Street, and Pallas, he brings invaluable industry experience to Slyce Data with two decades of data-driven investment research experience. As a bridge between our clients and engineering staff, he offers an insider’s perspective into the challenges that our clients face, and how SD can make a difference in solving their most difficult problems to improve productivity. He received his B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from MIT and MBA from the Yale School of Management and is a charter holder from the CFA Institute and maintains a membership with the Chicago Quantitative Analysts society.

Andrew Breton Headshot | SlyceData

Andrew Breton

Head of Data & Analytics

Andrew is SD’s data king and brings unparalleled securities data expertise, spanning multiple asset classes and front-to-back-office workflows. He oversees our data integration process and has spent nearly six years designing and building SDs security model and data ecosystem, informed by prior roles in multi-asset reporting and analytics. Before joining SD, Andrew designed and engineered numerous data infrastructure platforms to support bond analytic modeling, back-office accounting reconciliations, middle office margin & payment tracking, as well as pre-and-post-trade compliance tracking for companies such as Blackrock and Refinitiv.  Andrew has received a B.Sc. in systems engineering from University of Virginia and MA in economics from Duke University.


SlyceData Advisor Elizabeth Pritchard Headshot

Elizabeth Pritchard

Elizabeth Pritchard is the CEO of Bitvore, the leader in intelligence for unstructured data.  Elizabeth is a serial innovator, data activist and analytics-driven executive with over twenty-five years of experience in data in finance.  Previously Elizabeth founded White Rock Data Solutions where she advised data companies on their product, business development and go to market strategies. Elizabeth is passionate about fostering the adoption of new data sources and tools to drive business outcomes. Her executive roles include:  Managing Director, Goldman Sachs, twenty years; and two years each at AIG as COO, Science, and as Co-Founder, Crux Informatics. Elizabeth is a Non-Executive Director of Global Data PLC and Eagle Alpha.  Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University, a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Columbia University.

SlyceData Advisor Derk Osenberg Headshot

Derk Osenberg

Derk Osenberg brings more than 20 years of leadership experience within finance and technology. Prior to his current role in heading the North American sales at Truevalue labs, he worked for over 17 years at Refinitiv/Thomson Reuters.  In these roles, he led client-focused teams responsible for growing the Refinitiv/Thomson Reuters Asset Management and Quant segment.  Derk and his team worked with finance professionals at asset managers, asset owners, hedge funds, banks, and FinTech firms to provide customized solutions of data, analytics, software, and data management platforms. He also serves as a Board Member and chairs the development committee for Friends of the Forest Preserves in Chicago.  Derk earned a B.S. in Business Economics from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

SlyceData Advisor Brennan Warble Headshot

Brennan Warble

Brennan has more than 30 years of experience gained from operational, executive, and strategic leadership positions in institutional capital markets.  Throughout his career, he has been on the cutting edge of risk transfer and capital intermediation across equity, equity derivative, fixed income and convertible securities. He has led teams at Liquidnet, Tremor Technologies and Citadel Securities. He has designed solutions for the most sophisticated institutional investors, advising on building and implementation of trading infrastructure to add alpha and strengthen risk management. Brennan holds a BA from St. Lawrence University and matriculated at NYU’s Stern School of business.

SlyceData Advisor Bill Budinger Headshot

Bill Budinger

Bill Budinger is a board member of SlyceData. He is an active Angel investor with over 20 years of experience.  Bill focuses on early-stage technology companies and typically serves as a director or board observer helping with strategic direction and fundraising.  His current and previous investments include: RealD, IPO NYSE 2010; CloudSync, sold to Good Technologies; Lettuce, sold to Intuit; Shift, sold to Brand Networks; FreshTemp, sold in 2016; Kixer, Sold in 2015; Measurabl, GLO Science, FridgeWize, Wonder, Hurel, Cool Planet, Simraceway, Markkit, Mota, LifeCrowd, Eventup, CEC, Aspen Design Works and Rugged Land.  Bill has also developed multiple real estate projects in several communities in Colorado. He graduated with honors with a BA in Psychology from Boston University.

SlyceData Advisor Jeffrey Estella Headshot

Jeffrey Estella

Jeff is a financial services executive and investor advocate with experience as a global leader in the investment process. He has extensive experience in global equity trading, compliance, investment operations, risk management, securities market structure, public policy, global regulation, and the implementation of technology efficiency.
In 2019, Jeff established Estella LLC to provide both independent consulting, advisory, and expert witness services to the financial services community, leveraging his personal experience and industry expertise. Previously, Jeff spent twenty years at MFS Investment Management and held the roles of Director of Trading Analytics & Investment Operations, Director of Global Equity Trading, and Senior Equity Trader. Jeff is a Board Member of CalcGuard Technologies and served as a founding Board Member of Luminex Trading.

SlyceData Advisor Dan Cashion Headshot

Dan Cashion

Dan brings over 25 years of capital markets experience in the scientific space. His expertise centers upon deep strength in mathematics, technology, and research. Within numerous investment management and financial technology firms, he has led teams responsible for investment research and technology development. He has held senior roles at DataIntelytics, Decryptex Financial Laboratories, Moore Capital Management, Axioma, Applied Research Group, and Barra. Dan holds a Masters in Applied Data Science from the University of Michigan, an MBA from the University of Chicago, a B.Sc. in finance from Villanova University, in addition to being a charter holder from the CFA institute.

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